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Captain K. Goodlove

Oh, Captain, my Captain!


With BIG vocals and the booty to match, Captain K. Goodlove is an award-winning, gender-bending burlesque singer and MC. After years of being in the burlesque scene as a producer and musician, The Captain has ventured out to perform solo acts of their own. Captain K. Goodlove's debut burlesque performance was in 2018 at Lola Van Ella's Sexy Good Time Variety Hour in New Orleans. The Captain made their Show-Me Burlesque & Vaudeville Festival debut in 2019, and they tore the house down at the Bourbontown Burlesque Festival and the New York Burlesque Festival. In 2023, Captain K. Goodlove won the title of "Hollywood Chanteuse" at the Hollywood Burlesque Festival.

In 2019, Captain K. Goodlove launched a passion project with her sister, Sarah Goodman aka Coral Reefer, called GROOVESHIP. What started as a queer-fronted yacht-rock cover band is evolving into a fully immersive theatrical experience, taking the audience on a joyful and exciting ride through timeless dimensions to an inclusive world of radical self-love.


For booking: captainkgoodlove@gmail.com

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