Live in St. Louis with Her Big Band

Kristen Goodman

Recorded at Sk8 Liborius Cathedral in St. Louis, MO on December 1, 2019 in front of a live audience of freezing and devoted friends and fans. With twelve original songs by Kristen Goodman, this album features members of Ghost Light and kg lang to form one "big band."

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On December 1, 2019, Kristen Goodman & Her Big Band recorded a live album of twelve original songs in front of a devoted and freezing audience of friends and fans at Sk8 Liborius, an old cathedral turned skate park, in St. Louis, MO. 

Music, Lyrics and Arrangements by Kristen Goodman
Additional Arrangements by Andy Hainz and Abbie Steiling

Mixed, Engineered & Produced by Sarah Goodman & Kristen Goodman
Live Audio Recorded by Steve Smith & Tony Eckstein




The Band:
Kristen Goodman - lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Abbie Steiling - violin
Andy Hainz - bass
Celia - electric guitar, back-up vocals
Cindy Minnis - back-up vocals, hand percussion
Laura McMurray - drums, back-up vocals
Sarah Goodman - back-up vocals



Come sail away to a magical paradise where the funky-pop flows… GROOVESHIP is a queer-fronted immersive experience with a groovy soul. Created by singing sisters Kristen Goodman (Captain K. GoodLove) and Sarah Goodman (Coral Reefer), GROOVESHIP's powerful harmonies pack a tropical punch with soaring lead vocals that sweep you away on an island breeze. The rhythm is gonna getcha when you board this adventure cruise featuring tasty tunes from yacht rock classics like The Doobie Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, and Hall & Oates mixed with groovy hits from faves like Chaka Khan and Earth, Wind & Fire, plus a sea salt splash of current artists like Janelle Monae, Robyn, and Jessie Ware. GROOVESHIP travels to distant seas and other dimensions, bringing back sunshine and sweet sounds to party people across the land.

What launched in February 2019 as a party band has since evolved into an online party cruise on the world wide waves. The Goodman sisters continue to innovate and are shaping this project into their dreamshow: The GROOVESHIP EPIC - a fully immersive fusion of music, design, and aesthetics, taking the audience on a joyful and exciting ride through timeless dimensions to an inclusive world of radical self-love. Part musical, part concert, part nightclub, part water ride, The GROOVESHIP EPIC is an unforgettable journey of self-discovery, showcasing nostalgic classics from the past and forging new, more inclusive futures.

For booking and info, email

kg lang

womxn's folk rock tribute

From Melissa Etheridge to the Indigo Girls, from Brandi Carlile to all things Lilith Fair, St. Louis based acoustic band kg lang is a striking tribute to the womxn’s folk rock genre. With soaring lead vocals by Kristen Goodman and intoxicating harmonies and instrumentation by Cindy Minnis, Laura McMurray, and Celia, kg lang will evoke fond memories of your favorite womxn's folk music festivals from the last few decades. Sprinkle in some original songs and a few by their quasi-namesake kd lang, and you’ve got a gratifying mix sure to satisfy any acoustic music lover.  

Cheers to womxn in music! 

Kristen Goodman - band leader; lead vocals, guitar, keys
Cindy Minnis - vocals, keys, percussion
Laura McMurray - percussion, vocals
Celia - bass, vocals


Musical Theatre-Inspired Acoustic FOlk

With elements of Folk Americana, Jazz, and Acoustic Pop, Ghost Light will musically whisk you away to historical haunts, romantic love scenes, and foreign lands. You don't have to be a theatre fan to appreciate this refined yet relaxed sound.


Versatile entertainer

Kristen Goodman is a versatile singer and entertainer specializing in acoustic, folk, jazz, musical theatre, cabaret, rock, blues, and soul. She plays solo shows at venues, bars, cafés, house concerts, and special events. Her original music is influenced by artists like Joni Mitchell, kd lang, Sadé, Brandi Carlile, Bonnie Raitt, India Arie, Carole King, James Taylor, Paul Simon, Tracy Chapman, and many others.  She enjoys playing cover songs from the past several decades, adapting each song to showcase her own unique style.

Kristen loves to sing jazz, musical theatre, cabaret, and classics from the American songbook.  Her powerful vocals and her emotional delivery of the song's story have been known to make audiences laugh, cry, and even leap from their seats.

Kristen Goodman's Debut EP Album "I'm Ready"

I'm Ready

Kristen Goodman

Presented with her signature powerful vocals, crisp acoustic guitar, and personal storytelling, this debut album from Kristen Goodman features acoustic folk songs written over the course of 15 years. After performing as a singer-songwriter for nearly two decades, she finally released her own EP Album: "I'm Ready" in collaboration with her sister,

Presented with her signature powerful vocals, crisp acoustic guitar, and personal storytelling, this debut album from Kristen Goodman features acoustic folk songs written over the course of 15 years. After performing as a singer-songwriter for nearly two decades, she finally released her own EP Album: "I'm Ready" in collaboration with her sister, Sarah Goodman, a professional sound engineer. Although music had always been an important element in her life, Kristen had considered it just a hobby until early 2017. Since then, she has focused on finding her identity as a full-time professional artist and working musician. The title “I’m Ready…” is a lyric from the song “Let It Enter In,” and it signifies her state of mind as she leaps into this exciting next chapter!

A note from Kristen: I am immensely grateful to my talented sister, Sarah Goodman of Sounds Good Studio, for recording, mixing, and producing this album. Who knows how much longer it might have taken me to debut this album without her valuable contribution. Thank you, sis! I'm excited for our next collaboration!

To my dedicated and loyal fans... Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for coming to my shows, buying tickets, and encouraging me to pursue this path. I truly couldn't do this without you.

TRACK 1: Let It Enter In "When does happiness begin, if you don't make time to let it enter in?" Kristen Goodman - vocals, guitar, shaker Sarah Ann Goodman - backup vocals, bass, and other instrumentals

TRACK 2: Bluer Skies "All that I am missing is stuff I don't really need. I gotta count my blessings, like how you're here with me." Kristen Goodman - vocals, guitar Sarah Ann Goodman - bass, percussion

TRACK 3: No Words Now This is one of my first original songs. I wrote this one after my heart was broken by a co-worker at TGIFriday's. :) I had a huge crush on her, and when I finally got up the guts to tell her how I felt, she stopped talking to me. Ahhh, baby queer unrequited love. "I'll take all the blame. If you wanna play that game, then I let you win. You don't have to let me in." Kristen Goodman - vocals, guitar

TRACK 4: Be With Me "Maybe someday we will turn around and know we're all OK. Until then we'll have to come to terms with all with threw away." Kristen Goodman - vocals, guitar

TRACK 5: Tree House I wrote this song for my best friend's wedding. She wanted a song that incorporated nature and playfulness, commitment and strength. I had the honor of performing it for Amanda and her husband Justin at their beautiful sunset wedding in Estes Park, CO. A special shout-out to Amanda and her family for supporting my album and helping me get up to Chicago to record. Thanks, my homie! Kristen Goodman - vocals, guitar

TRACK 6: Adios Amigo This song is a farewell not only to Lilly's, but to the melancholy that had weighed me down since it's closing. It was a collaboration with Margaret Mueller. "Now the trees begin to show what we all must come to know at last... The beauty of letting go." Kristen Goodman - vocals, guitar

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