Recorded in front of a live audience at Sk8 Liborius Cathedral in St. Louis, MO on December 1, 2019.

Music, Lyrics and Arrangements by Kristen Goodman
Additional Arrangements by Andy Hainz and Abbie Steiling

Mixed, Engineered and Produced by Sarah Goodman & Kristen Goodman
Live Audio Recorded by Steve Smith and Tony Eckstein

The Band:
Kristen Goodman - lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Andy Hainz - bass
Laura McMurray - drums, background vocals
Abbie Steiling - violin
Celia - electric guitar, background vocals
Cindy Minnis - background vocals, hand percussion
Sarah Goodman - background vocals


Sha-na-na Shine Your Light
Sha-na-na Shine Your Light

Little town on the lake,
Full of all these memories we make
People come year after year,
These are traditions so dear
Playing in the sand,
Holding your grand baby’s hand
Sitting in the sun,
It’s the time, For laughing and having fun
Sha-na-na Shine Your Light

Pack the van, pack the car,
We’re coming from near and far
Driving North through the night,
To the place with sun shining bright
Pulling into town,
Rolling my windows down
Breathing in the air,
It’s the place, To leave your worries, forget your cares
Sha-na-na Shine Your Light

Standing tall, gleaming white,
Little lighthouse shining so bright
At the end of the pier,
Guiding all the boats without fear
Late or early day,
The lighthouse will point the way
Like a beacon in the night,
It shines for you and me, And we’ll know everything’s alright
Sha-na-na Shine Your Light

We return through the years,
Even through some heartache and tears
To the water, to the sand,
To my grandma’s hallowed land
Keep the magic living on,
Even after they’re gone
You can keep it burning bright,
In your heart, Just remember to shine your light

Sha-na-na Shine Your Light
Sha-na-na Shine Your Light
Sha-na-na Shine Your Light