Recorded in front of a live audience at Sk8 Liborius Cathedral in St. Louis, MO on December 1, 2019.

Music, Lyrics and Arrangements by Kristen Goodman
Additional Arrangements by Andy Hainz and Abbie Steiling

Mixed, Engineered and Produced by Sarah Goodman & Kristen Goodman
Live Audio Recorded by Steve Smith and Tony Eckstein

The Band:
Kristen Goodman - lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Andy Hainz - bass
Laura McMurray - drums, background vocals
Abbie Steiling - violin
Celia - electric guitar, background vocals
Cindy Minnis - background vocals, hand percussion
Sarah Goodman - background vocals


Opening line ("Adios Amigo, I love you") written by Margaret Mueller

Adios Amigo, I love you
It's been a crazy ride
But what I know inside my heart
I can no longer hide

Adios Amigo, I love you
You've been a loyal friend
But as I start to mend my life
I know this must come to an end

Adios Amigo, I love you
Now the trees begin to show
What we all have got to know at last
The beauty of letting go

There's a new breeze blowin’ through the town
Encircling me round and round
Whirling, swirling, Pushing me to grow
My pulse is beating louder now
Don't wanna fight it anyhow
Never will I ever feel that low
You know, so

Adios Amigo, I love you
We may meet again someday
Until then I will be OK
It's time to be goin' on my way